How to add a job manager in Ethiopia

This process is known as secularization when we show you How to add a job manager in Ethiopia. Since the system was popularized not the whole system should be maintained rather only the specific modules that need modification will be modified and maintained. Some of the user interface and basic modification can be performed by the collection of developers but the system developers are the right persons to update the system.

          2.3.3 Business rules

Business rule are the guidelines that an organization and stakeholders follow to perform their tasks to be assigned. Every organization should have business rules and formal procedures to manage and control organization resources properly. The following business rules are incorporated within the clinic

  • Patients must have an identity card or id number which shows a member of this campus
  • The patient asks the clerk to register and then the clerk assign to the nurse for treatment
  • In any case of patient requests the manager should updates patient profile and then assign to the other
  • Patient record should be kept under adequate security and only removed when the administrator of the clinic permits

2.3.4 Actors of the system

The following are the identified actors (users) that will be participating in the system with their respective activities.

  • Admin: is the one who maintains the system and create account.
  • Manager: Who manages the system

Main activities of manager include:

  • Manage user accounts(create, delete, update)
  • View patient information
  • Update patient information
  • Delete patient information

3) Nurse/Doctor:A person skilled or specializing in healing arts.

Main activities include:

  • Treat patient
  • Access patient information
  • View reports
  • Update patient information
  • Write prescription letter

4) Clerk: A worker in card class.

Main activities:

  • Register patient
  • Search existing patient
  • Make appointment

5) Lab Technician: generate lab report

6) Pharmacist: generate pharmacy report

7) Patient: The patient can be defined as the actor that will receive services from the clinic.

The patient can view his/her information, provide necessary information while registration.

The following diagram shows

2.3.5 Essential use case Essential use case diagram

Essential use case modeling is a simplified abstract, generalized use case that captures the intentions of the user in a technology and implementation independent manner. It identifies use case and actors of the proposed system.

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