How to do a System Analysis to find a Job

Today we will learn about How to do a System Analysis to find a Job.

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter overview of the proposed system, functional and non-functional requirement of the system, business rules and actors of the system will be discussed. We also cover the major activities such as constructing a use case model, documenting the use case course of events, constructing class and CC diagrams,constructing sequence and activity diagrams and user interface prototype about the proposed system. Our web based patient record management software that is to be developed is to minimize the problem of current system which is described in the problem statement. The system should be effective at the time of registration, update, and search and generate report. In the requirement analysis phase the document we stated describes the functionalities of the system in terms of use case from the users’ point of view. But in the design phase those functionalities of the system shall be decomposed into smaller sub system to easily handle by developer. Patient registration system provides away for the physician and the manager to keep the patient information


2.2 major functions of the existing system

Most of clinic is using manual system. Registration of new patients as well as search for existing patient record also paper based. The patient arrives at the clinic and he/she will provide his/her information (name, id, age, and dept.) and he/she will be given a card. There is also another card (chart) that contains the patient information and the report of the treatment.

The patient medical document is stored in the catalog in card room according to the card number assigned to the patient. When the existing (previously registered) patient come for further treatment, he/she will tell his/her card number and the clerk or receptionist search for that specific card from the stored catalog of the cards. The clerk form card room after registration directs the patient to the POD for consultation and diagnosis and then the nurse order the patient to another departments either to laboratory department for examine the disease or to the pharmacy department to take necessary drugs.

2.2.1 Problems of existing system

After the team has identified the real problem of the existing system which is in a manual system, the team suggests an alternative option to overcome the problem.

These alternative options are:-

  • Changing the manual system into desktop application.
  • Changing the manual system into a computer system that works on web based environment.

The team has analyzed all of the alternative options based on the ability of performance, information flow and service to the users and efficiency. This analysis has enforced to select the web based system.

2.2.2 Advantage of the new system

 The advantages of the new system are:

Performance: The performance of the proposed system provides fast response time because it is easy to access data from the stored document.

  • Economy: when we apply web based patient record management System there will be areas in which cost will be reduced. As a result of a new system the payment of many employees will be reduced. Reduce cost of paper.
  • Efficiency: the web based system by itself is short and clear and in this system there is no duplication of data through the new system so it is powerful to manage things around patient information.
  • The new system can be implemented without changing the organization policy.
  • The new system does not require more human labor

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