How to find Accounting jobs in Ethiopia

Part I. Fundamentals of How to find Accounting jobs in Ethiopia


Unit 1: An overview of Business Communication of How to find Accounting jobs in Ethiopia

Unit 2: Understanding the Communication Process

Unit 3: Types of Communication in Organization

Unit 4: Principles of Communication

Unit5: legal Aspects of business Communication


 1.1 Unit Introduction


Dear students, think of an organization that you know and have visited very recently. What have you seen in these organizations?


Every employee(managers and subordinates) reading reports, drafting letters on their computers, attending meetings, conducting interview, talking on the telephone, reading letters/mail, dictating correspondence, and making presentations. In short, you see people sharing information relevant to their day today activities.


In these organizations, ideas, questions, and data/information arerelated to the work of the organization flows from the manger to subordinates, from subordinates to the boss and among employees themselves. In addition to this a great deal of information flows from the organization to suppliers, customers, distributors and other government/private organizations and vise versa.  This exchange of information may take place orally or in writing. This entire process of sharing ideas, thoughts and information in management is known as communication.


The second word in the expression of managerial communication is ‘management’. Where cooperation of individuals towards a common goal is organized in a formal association the fundamental and essential component of this association is management. It is a function of getting things done through people.


Management is primarily a task of planning, coordination and controlling the effort of others toward a specific objective. It involves the combination of resources in an optimum manner paying due attention to the goals of the organization. Fulfillment of these goals is the only justification for the existence of management function. This responsibility and authority rest primarily upon the top. But under the modern and complicated form of business organizations, it is impossible for a single individual or even a group of top managers to run the entire show. Hence, authority and responsibility need to be systematically delegated so as to assure smooth running of the enterprise.


This process of delegation necessitates the aid of communication because the efficient execution of the policies checked out by administration, their transmission to each concerned link of organization is a ‘must’ item. Without proper knowledge of the broad policies, operational procedures, standard practices as well as orders and instructions of the intermediate management of the operative employees can not function smoothly. Hence, the need for the concept of ‘communication’ in management becomes important.


Dear students, in this unit you will study the whole concept of communication and you will begin the unit by studying the meaning of communication, its characteristics and its importance in business organizations. Read each part and check your understanding by attempting the self assessment questions and in text questions.


1.2 Unit Objectives

After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define managerial communication
  • Explain the characteristics of managerial communication
  • Identify the importance of communication in business
  • Explain the level of communication


1.3 Meaning, characteristics and importance of communication


Dear distance learners, in this section you will learn the meaning of communication, its basic nature/characteristics and importance for life  in general and in the work place in particular.


1.3.1. Definition of Communication


Dear students, what do you understand by the word communication? Can you define it?


Dear learners, different scholars define communication differently. The following are some of the definitions of the term managerial communication forwarded by different scholars.

  1. Communication can define as “the process of transferring thoughts and ideas from one person to another.”

A more accurate definition of communication is found from its original meaning. The Latin root of communication is “communis”. It means “to make common to many, share”. Therefore when people communicate, they express their ideas and feelings in a way that is understandable (common) to each of them. They share information with each other. Each person has a direct effect on the other and on subsequent communication

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