How to look for functional requirements of a simple career

None functional requirements are requirements that are not directly related to the functional aspects of the system and How to look for functional requirements of a simple career.

Besides the functional requirements, our system possess  other non-functional  requirements that reflect the quality of the system such as performance, usability, cost benefit, integrity ,availability ,reliability, security, error handling,



The response time that the system uses to process, quire and retrieve patient data and information from database is very short. That means it takes Short response time for a given piece of work. The designed system will use low utilization of system resource in terms of space and time. Many tasks can be performed on the same time that in turns provide time and cost effective services.


Usability is a term used to denote the ease with which people can employ a particular tool or other human-made object in order to achieve a particular goal. In this case our system possesses the following regarding to usability:

Easier to learn—operation can be learned by observing the object

More satisfying to use


The system able to give full time services to its users without any crash. It is available for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, unless connection interruption. Is provides real information at right time and all data in the system will be available at all the time.


Only an authorized users of the system (administrator, manager or other) can able to update, modify, delete or access patient data. Access is denied for unauthorized and unauthenticated users of the system.



Graphical user interface

The system provides user friendly services to its users. The user of the system will get the web page which is very easy to work with. This is achieved by including visual buttons and objects to simplify the use of the system


Users of the system must be identified, authenticated and authorized before having access to the system’s services. Users will have their own password and username through which they could gain access to. It introduces a password size limit facilities. The password with which user are provide will protect them from potential threats, who could jeopardizing their responsibility. Our system protects any confidential information of the clinic as well as the patients from unauthorized users by verifying their user names and passwords.

Error handling

When the users of the system interact with the system errors may appear. To control these inaccuracies the system will generate different messages. When users of the system input wrong user names or passwords, the system pops up failure message which tells them that either user name or password is not correct.

Backup and Recovery

We will use removable flashes and disks such as CD ROM, DVD for backup and recovery mechanism. Because the risks of data lost might be happen due to a number of reasons such as: computer viruses, sudden accident on data storage, data theft or power fluctuation.

System modification (maintenance)

Through time there should be changes in when the user needs another additional functionalities and new features, when the system administrator identifies the system need to be modified, while the organizations work style is changed and depending on different reasons. This can be easily done because the whole system development tasks divided into several smaller work parts called

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