How to Pass Job Interview easily in Ethiopia

To accomplish our project we have a communication plan and How to Pass Job Interview easily in Ethiopia, In this case we assigned three times inter meeting in a week to all our group members. We also communicate with our advisor whenever we obtain difficulties and to get guidelines concerning our project development

1.7 Scope of the project

Basically clinic hospital management system comprises many tasks associated with health care in the clinic. This includes patient treatment and management, employee management, inventory management, patient diagnosis and other. But our proposed system mainly focused on patient record management in case of Karakorum Ema medium clinic. It supports only patient related activities such as registering new patient, searching for the existing patient, updating and accessing patient information and generating reports.

1.8 Feasibility study

Feasibility study is an important phase in the software development process of this project. The five aspects of feasibility study need to be considered are:

1.8.1 Operational feasibility

This system brings better achievement for the operations performed by the clinic by providing efficient registration and storage of patient information,easy updating, deletion and modification etc. This intern increases the efficiency of work in the clinic. So that one can say that the system is operationally feasible.

1.8.2 Technical Feasibility

The proposed system can be easily maintained and repaired, because the system was developed by familiar programming language (environment). The project team members have learned programming languages that required for the successful completion of the project such as java script, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL. We also learned the SALADO (Object Oriented System Analysis and Design) methodology that we followed to develop this project. Team members have the required skill to develop the system

1.8.3 Economical feasibility

Economic feasibility is the process of identifying the financial benefits and costs associated with our project being developed

1.8.4 Schedule Feasibility

The schedule for this project will be feasible due to wealthy information exchange between the developing team, Advisor and the organization. And also the time set to develop the system is enough to complete at the predefined day and time. The project team members expected the Project to be completed on time without any delay

1.9 Risks and assumption

     1.9.1 Risks

During the development our project there may be different problems that may face.

These are:

  • Unfortunate failure of system: To handle this problem the teams have some method to resist not completely but partially by using back up mechanisms using flash disks, CD/DVD and by storing the data in more than two computers.
  • Power problem: we tried to use laptops to cover the gap happened to our project during power failure.
  • Virus attack: It is difficult to control data from virus but try to scan the data, installing and updating antivirus software.
  • One of our group members may be sick while in the process of project development: to solve this problem the remaining group member together covers this member work.
  • Therefore whatever situation happen or occurred that hinder during the progression of the project the team try to select the best option to do what expected and reform it.
  • Allows to breakdown complicated systems into smaller, clearly defined and more manageable parts.
  • Easy maintenance. Enables the standardization of objects which increases design understanding and decreases the risk associated with project development.

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