How to put CV Easily in Ethiopia

On this lesson we will show how How to put CV Easily in Ethiopia.

1.1 Introduction

The development of different computer based system has provided tremendous advantages for many organizations and institutions. Many developed countries are using computer technology to accomplish their everyday activities effectively and efficiently.

Now a day many companies are using automated system to accomplish their task but some are still using manual system. Our country clinic are one of such institute that use paper based system to perform all their tasks. The current system is inefficient for better performance of all tasks, for managing all medical related works to register and store patient’s record.

1.2 Background of the organization

Ema medium clinic was established in 2003.It has only one branch it found in Karakorum. Among those services, in this clinic give one that provides health care service for all .This clinic was established in 2003

The clinic today has different medical departments such as card department, laboratory department, POD (Out Patient Department), pharmacy department and archive department.

There are 30 employees in the clinic; two in card department, two in laboratory department, six in POD department, three in pharmacy and two in sanitation.

The clinic was giving medical services for more than 100 patients per day. The number of is increasing from year to year therefore the number of patient’s getting the clinic service will increase.

The clinic is using manual system for managing the overall activities of the work in the clinic. The admission or registration of patients is being done using paper and pen with manpower. The circulation of information from one department to another is performed by people with paper and card.

1.2.1 Vision

  • Looking the all people healthful and productive in their day today activities effectively and efficiently.
  • Minimizing disease from the world/environment as well as avoiding disease if it is possible

1.2.2 Mission

  • Treating patients appropriately and efficiently service for all.
  • The clinic should have the duty to create strong information chain between them.

1.2.3 clues

  • Employees are the institution’s main asset.
  • Creating permanent relationship with customers.
  • Our employees give priority to organizational benefit rather than personal benefit.
  • Delivering quality services with skilled, motivated, inspired, ethical and presentable staff.
  • Transparent working procedure is a norm.
  • Fair treatment of staff.

1.3 Statements of the problem and justification of executing the project

1.3.1 Problem statement

Ema medium clinic is facing many problems with its manual (paper based) system. The number of patients is increasing from time to time, so that managing those patients by using existing system is very tedious that require more number of man power and material. Some of the main problems of the existing system are listed as follows

  • Difficult to manage patient information.
  • Large storage medium (space) is required to store medical documents, cards, reports, and patient information.
  • Searching for even single data is time consuming.
  • Missing patient recordAn interviewer offers feedback on respondent’s performance and helps establish goals to be met by next appraisal. For example, manager meets regularly with subordinates to assess their performance.


    A supervisor periodically gives an employee feedback on his or her performance. The supervisor and the employee discuss progress toward predetermined standards or goals and evaluate areas that require improvement. They may also discuss goals for the coming year, as well as the employee’s longer-term aspiration and general concerns.


    1. Correcting or counseling

    Interviewer and respondent meet to discuss respondent’s need to improve functioning. E.g. Operations manager meets with bank teller to discuss customer complaints about rudeness.


    A supervisor talks with an employee about personal problems that are interfering with work performance. The interviewer should be concerned with the welfare of both the employee and the organization and should confine the discussion to business.


    Critical and empathic listening skills are both important, because the employer needs to evaluate the facts of the situation and deal with the human emotion involved.


    1. Grievance

    Interviewer tries to understand and resolve respondent’s dissatisfaction. E.g. Employee objects to sexual harassment by fellow worker.


    1. Disciplinary interviews

    A supervisor tries to correct the behavior of an employee who has ignored the organizations rules and regulations. The interviewer must not only get the employee to see the reason for the rules and agree to comply but must also review the facts and explore the person’s attitude. Because of the emotional reaction that is likely, neutral observations are more effective than critical comments. Active and empathic listening skills are prime importance

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