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Dear learners, welcome to the course Business Communication. As you may know it is an important subject matter in your day to day lives. Information Technology jobs in Ethiopia, Communication is described as a ‘life blood’ in any social setting because to be successful and achieve your goals, communication is very crucial. Every day you give and receive information. This process is termed as communication. Consequently, communication plays a crucial role in our day to day life as a student, teacher, business person, farmer, employee, as a member of a family or society and etc ….


Specfically, in the work place where there is a lot of interactions and exchange of information among the members of the organization (between managers and subordinates, among employees in the same position), the organization and its customers, suppliers, distributors, government agencies and the community at large, the importance of communication is not over emphasized. These interactions are very important for the success of organizations. Therefore, it is vital for you to develop communication skill and apply it in the work place. It is for this reason that this course is designed.


This module is divided in to two parts. The first part explores the basic concepts, process, type and principles of communication. The second part deals with the methods of communication, that is, written and oral communication methods.


The module further is divided in to nine (9) units, which are further divided in to several sessions. In the first unit you will learn the meaning, nature, and importance of communication in the work place. In unit two you will learn the process of communication and the basic barriers or obstacles to communication in the organizations.


The third unit will present you the types of communication and the fourth unit will introduce you the principles that you can follow to make your communication effective.


Unit five presents you the types of most commonly used written communications methods, that is, business letters, memos and reports. In this unit you will learn the types, formats and styles of memos, reports, and business letters.

In unit six you will be introduced with the concept of interview, interview types, steps to be followed while conducting interview; whereas in the seventh unit you will learn the mode and preparation for delivering speech, parts of a speech and guidelines for delivering a speech. In the last two units you will study the concept of listening and conducting an effective meeting.


Dear distance learner, you are strongly advised to attempt all the activities, in text questions and self assessment questions and can check your answers against the answer key given at the end of the module. In order to check your level of understanding of a unit go through the entire unit checklist at the end of the unit. It is also important to work on the pre-reading questions for you to understand the subject matter thoroughly and effectively.


Course Objective


After studying this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the nature/characteristics of business communication
  • Learn the importance of communication for business organizations
  • Explain the role of verbal communication in the work place
  • Describe the types of non-verbal communications
  • Explain the role of senders and receivers in the communication process
  • Learn the techniques that should be followed at each step in the communication process
  • Describe the types of communication in the work place
  • Learn the principles of communication that can help you improve your communication
  • Conduct a successful interview of all type
  • Write a good letter, memo and reports incorporating all its components
  • Identify and use the modes of speech delivery
  • Illustrate the types of speech
  • Learn the steps of preparing and delivering a good speech
  • Explain the guidelines that can help you to improve your listening skill
  • Know the process of conducting a business meeting

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