Make free Curriculum Vitae using this project in Ethiopia

Today we will show you how you can Make free Curriculum Vitae using this project in Ethiopia

Objective of the project

1.4.1 General objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop a web based patient record management system for Ema medium clinic.

1.4.2 Specific objectives

  • Studying the background of the organization
  • Collecting data about the organization
  • Analyzing the existing system
  • Identifying and analyzing the major problems of the current system
  • Defining system requirements
  • Designing the new system
  • Implementing or coding the designed system
  • Testing the system

1.5 Significance of the Project

The development of an automated system will facilitate an integrated transaction system where a one window service tailored to customer satisfaction will be maintained all in all.

Implementing automated system has a great advantage, such as:

  • Minimize time delay in getting information for employees and patients.
  • It avoids redundancy of data.
  • Displays most secured and reliable patient information.
  • It ensures fast & efficient sharing of critical information across the clinic.
  • It ensuring the availability of documents in secured manner.
  • Minimize cost by reducing number of employees.
  • Fast data insertion of the patient information.
  • Minimize employees’ workload

1.6 Methodology

1.6.1 Method of data collection

We used the following methods to collect relevant data required to our project.

Interview: – we gathered necessary information   about   the background   of the clinic, their work activities and the function of their existing system using some structured (when did the clinic was established, how does the existing system function, how many patients get services per day, how many employers are there etc.) and unstructured interview questions.

Observation: We also arrived to the clinic and observed how workers carrying out their work activities in a natural setting. Observation allows us to collect data in real time where activities are being performed.

Document analysis: – we also collected certain relevant information from written documents in the clinic. Not only that but also we tried to review other relevant documents to develop our project proposal.


1.6.2 Methodology for the system design and development

We prefer SALADO (Object Oriented System Analysis and Design) methodology and waterfall model to develop our system. This is because an SALADO provides the following advantages

  • Promotes better understanding of user requirements.
  • Leads to clear design by using use case, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Redundancy (multiple record of the same data)
  • Difficult in preparing an organized reports
  • Sudden damage on storage medium resulting  in zero data
  • Circulation of patient information such as (lab report generated by lab technician, nurse prescription to pharmacy) is too late.
  • Patient is not getting service according to their arrival and appointment

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