Must have requirements for a job

System Requirements of the New Must have requirements for a job

2.3.1 Functional requirements

The Functional requirement is concerned with actual performance of the system that is going to be developed. Functional requirements describe the functionality or service provided by the new system:

The new proposed system is aimed to solve the problems in current system by creating web based system that helps the clinic to manage the patient’s journey throughout the clinic. The system able to

  • Register new patient: Our proposed system can register each patient and records their basic information in the database. This helps the clinic to manage and manipulates patients’ information easily and to store their data and documents permanently.
  • Search for existing patient from database: This enables the users of the system to find patient information from database which is previously registered. When already registered patient come for further treatment, the responsible person should search for that specific patient information. This is done easily by writing patient’s name or medical identification number. It takes only a few seconds to do this task.
  • Update &modify patient information: The authorized users of the system can add, delete, modify or change patient’s information whenever possible.
  • Show patient information (viewing and accessing): The system can display or show the stored basic information of the patients, other clinical documents, reports and records which stored in the clinic database. An authorized individuals can view and access some or all of the patients’ medical treatment information more easily. Patients also can view their own information.
  • Make patient appointment: The clerks or receptionists of the clinic using the system can assign appointment for a particular patient based on the availability of the doctors. They can easily set the appointment date and time.
  • Create account: A manager or an administrator can create accounts for users of the system.
  • Generate medical reports: Various medical documentation and reports can be produced based on doctor’s prescription and patient’s sickness condition. These can be :
  • Laboratory report:the system enables lab technicians to produce lab reports for individual patient who has laboratory treatment.
  • Pharmacy report: Pharmacist also can produce pharmacy report using the system.
  • Prescription: nurses can produce consultation and prescription report for each patient who visited

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